PHOTO: Woman Delivers Baby Boy Inside BRT Bus
Passengers on a Bus Rapid Transit going to the CMS area of Lagos on Wednesday were forced to become emergency midwives and labour attendants when a pregnant woman was delivered of a bouncing baby boy inside the bus.

The Punch reported that the pregnant woman, identified as Afolaranmi, was going to a private hospital in CMS for a medical checkup, when she suddenly went into labour.
Fortunately, some medical workers in the bus immediately organised other passengers and helped in delivering the baby at about 12pm, near Constain bus stop. The mother and the new baby were taken to a private hospital after the delivery.
A passenger on the bus who gave his name as Shodipo told Punch Metro that both the woman and the baby seemed to be fine. He said:
“It was a very interesting experience. To my novice eye, the woman and the baby were both fine as of the time I left the bus.”
Just recently, a pregnant woman was attacked by a man who was angry that she didn’t say “thank you” when he held the door for her in Chelsea, New York, USA.


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